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General Reference Books -- Native Americans  
 A History of New Mexican Plains Indain Relations Charles L. Kenner
A Taos Mosaic Claire Morrill
Acoma - The People of the White Rock HL James
American Epic The Story of the American Indian Alice Marriott and Carol K Rachlin
American Heritage Book of Indians American Heritage editors
American Indian Art: From and Tradition Walker Art Center
Arizona Highways Crafts of Arizona Indians Clara Lee Tanner
Brave Are My People   Indian Heroes Not Forgotten Frank Waters
Cliff Dwellings of the Mesa Verde Don Watson
Cochiti - NM Pueblo Past and Present Charles H. Lange
Conversations on The Indian American Janette T. Harrington
Dancing Gods --Indian Ceremonials of NM and Arizona Erna Fergusson
First Penshouse Dwellers of America Ruth Underhill
Friendly People - The Zuni Indians Bertha P. Dutton
Historic Trading Posts Volume 57 number 3 various authors
Hohokam Indians of the Tucson Basin Grgonis and Reinhard
Hopi Suznne and Jake Page
Hosteen Clah  Navaho   Medicine Man and Sand Painter Franc Johnson Newcomb
I Have Spoken American History Through Voices of the Indians Virginia Irving Armstrong
Images of America Santa Fe Art and Architecture Lyn Bleiler/Charles Strong     
Images of America: Chimayo Patricia Trujillo Oviedo
Images of America: Taos Lyn Bleiler/Charles Strong     
Indian and Hispanic Cultures of the Southwest Taylor Museum doe Southwestern Studies
Indians of New Mexico Kathleen Roberts
Indians of New Mexico (articles written by authors) Richard C. Sandoval
Indians of the Mesa Verde Don Watson
Kalita's People   The Alabama-Coushata of Texas Aline Rothe
Kiowa Voices - Cemonial Dance, Ritual and Song (vol.1) Maurice Boyd
Kokopelli Casanova of the Cliff Dwellers John V. Young
Masked Gods J Frank Waters
Mimbres Painted Pottery J. J. Brody
Native American Art of the Southwest Alan and Carol Heyes
Navahos Have Five Fingers T.D. Allen
Navajo Arts and Crafts Nancy Schiffer
Navajo Pictorial Weaving 1880-1950 Tyrone Cambell and Joel/Kate Kopp
Navajo Spoons Cindra Klie
Navajo Tradition and Change in the Southwest Patricia Trujillo Oviedo
No Turning Back Elizabeth Q White (Polingaysi Qoyawayma
North American Indain Artifacts 3rd Edition Lar Hothem
North American Indians Before the Coming of the Europeans Philip Kopper
Old Santa Fe Today 3rd Edition Historic Santa Fe Foundation
Painted Tipis by Contomporary Plains Indians Artists
Papago and Pima Indians of Arizona Ruth Underhill
Pecos- Gateway to Pueblo and Plains  (the anthology) zjohn V. Bezy and Joseph P. Sanchez
Plains Indian Art from Fort Marion Karen Daniels Peterson
Prehistoric Southwestern Craft Arts Clara Lee Tanner
Pueblo Crafts Ruth Underhill
Pueblos of the Rio Grande   Daniel Gibson   
Sacred Circles 2000 Years of North American Indian Art Nelson Gallery of Art-Atkins Museum of Fine Arts
Southwest Indian Craft Arts Clara Lee Tanner
Southwestern Indian Tribes Tom Bahti
Southwestern Indian Ceremonials Tom Bahti
Summer People  Winter People Sandra A. Edelman
The Book of the Hopi J Frank Waters
The Desert Southwest Alan and Carol Hayes
The Enduring Navaho Laura Gilpin
The Freeing of the Deer (Pueblo Myths) Carmen Gertrudis Espinosa
The Indian Heritage of America Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.
The Indians from Time Life Books Benjamin Capps
The Indians of the Southwest Edward Everett Dale
The Mimbres People Steven A. Leblanc
The Navajo Art of Sandpainting Douglas Oncdon-Martin
The Ten Grandmothers (Kiowa) Alice Marriott
The World of the American Indian National Geographic
These Are the People (some notes on the SW Indains) Alice Marriott
Utes  The Mountain People Jan Pettit
Walk Quietly The Beautiful Trail C. Merton Babcock  editor
Warriors of the Colorado (the Yumas) Jack D. Forbes


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